BuyingLess is a US-based e-commerce marketplace aimed at creating the best online buying experience with LESS — less complications, less costs, and less hassle. Our initial focus is to provide a dedicated e-commerce platform connecting US-based sellers and buyers.

Buying/Less was created with an innovative idea in mind, to create an e-commerce platform based on the commercial real estate market model. Just as with brick and mortar retail space, BuyingLess allows sellers to choose from a variety of online storefront space for a set monthly rate. And similarly, BuyingLess does not take a percentage on anything sold in the stores. Our store sizes are designed to support vendors and sellers of all sizes. We have e-storefront space to fit the needs of everyone from small independent sellers, to established small businesses, to large-scale vendors.

With fixed monthly costs, sellers can better control their expenses and keep overhead low, passing the savings along to buyers.

Our mission is to connect buyers and sellers through a relatable, understandable and accessible platform where less drives more in the online buying world!


Sellers are key to the BuyingLess platform. Our goal is to empower sellers and provide a cost-efficient alternative to the industry standard. Most marketplace platforms make their money by charging sellers various fees in addition to a percentage on all items sold. The cost of doing business on these platforms is that they always get a cut of the profits.

The BuyingLess approach is different. Sellers keep their profits and only pay BuyingLess a fixed monthly fee for their chosen e-store. And like any brick and mortar store, our e-stores vary in size and price points so that all types of sellers can find the e- store that best fits their needs.


Buyers are the driving engines of all e-commerce platforms. BuyingLess knows that a dedicated buyer community is critical to the success of our marketplace environment. To that end, our platform is designed to create a simple and reliable shopping experience. There are also no monthly fees for buyers on our platform. We believe that shoppers should always have free access as their purchase power is the backbone of our commerce. Our commitment to our buyer community is paramount and our work is always carried out with that in mind.